Photo Gallery
Syria & Palestine


K. C. Hanson

Some of the photographs included here were taken on a trip to the Middle East during December 1986—January 1987, and some in European museums in June, 1997. Those that are not mine are given photo credit in the larger version.
By *CLICKING* on the photo you will be linked to a larger image along with a more detailed description of the object. I plan eventually to include ancient quotations to go along with each of the objects.

Ugarit & Syria

Ugaritic clay tablet
(from Sapanu Website)

Ugaritic god Ba'al
limestone stele

Ugaritic god Ba'al
bronze & gold statue

Aramean Queen (?)
with servant
funerary stele
Greater Palestine

Megiddo Altar

The Habakkuk Commentary
from Qumran

Model of the
Jerusalem Temple

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