Bruce J. Malina
Publications 1967—1999

Creighton University
Omaha, Nebraska

(Compiled by Dr. K. C. Hanson)


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Articles in Festschriften and Other Collections

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                 "Humility" (411-12)
                 "Laying on of Hands" (551)
                 "Service" (930)

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                "Eyes—Heart" (63-67)
                "Faith/Faithfulness" (67-70)
                "Fate" (74-76)
                "Feast" (76-79)
                "Freedom" (79-83)
                "Grace/Favor" (83-86)
                "Gratitude (Debt of)" (86-88)
                "Hands—Feet" (92-95)
                "Hospitality" (104-7)
                "Humility" (107-8)
                "Love" (110-14)
                "Meekness" (114-15)
                "Patronage" (133-37)
                "Pity" (139)
                "Service" (160-61)
                "Time Orientation" (166-71)

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                 "Cup" (216)
                 "Hospitality" (440-41)
                 "Humility" (443)
                 "Laying on of Hands" (596)
                 "Service" (1001)

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