Potency Ritual (1)

Language: Akkadian
Medium: clay tablet
Length: 17 lines of writing
Genre: ritual text
Approximate Date: 7th century BCE
Place of Discovery:
Dates of Discovery:
Current Location:

Ebeling (1953:102)

Adapted from Biggs (1967:22-23)
ÉN UG.GA UG.GA ti-ba [ ti-ba] 1. An incantation:
Get aroused! Get aroused!
Get an erection! Get an erection!
UG.GA GIM a-a-lì ti-ba GI[M ri-mi ] 2. Get aroused like a stag!
Get an erection like [a wild bull!]
it-ti-ka lit-ba-a ni-esh[ú] 3. Let a lion get an erection along with you!
it-ti-ka lit-ba-a [. . . .] 4. Let a [. . .] get an erection along with you!
it-ti-ka lit-ba-a MU[. . . .] 5. Let a [. . .] get an erection along with you!
p[u-h]ur SA.MEŠ ŠID- ka ni-il-k[a . . .] 6. All the muscles in your limbs, your semen . . .
[. . .-ka] a ku-us-su-ka la ik-kal-k [a] 7. [Your . . .] will not hurt you.
[. . .] da ki-ma ze-e-k[a] 8. [. . .] like your excrement.
uk [. . .] ki-ma shi-na-ti-k[a ] 9. [. . .] like your urine.
li-ma-as-ra ú-shar-ka mu-ni-ih e [. . .] 10. Let your penis which calms be [. . .]
GIŠ-ka ku-ut-mi-ni-tu-[ma] li-ku-la pu-ri-di-iá 11. Let your penis hurt my crotch!
ina qí-bit dKa-ni-shur-ra dIsh-ha-ra be-[l]et ra-me ÉN 12. According to the command of Kanishurra (and) Ishhara, goddesses of love. Incantantion.
INIM.INIM.MA ŠÀ.ZI.GA 13. An Incantation for Potency.
DÙ.DÙ.BI NA4.KA.GI.NA.DIB.BA SÚD ina Ì.BUR HI.HI 14. Its Ritual: You crush magnetic iron ore, mix with pûru-oil,
ÉN 7-shú ina UGU ŠID-nu LI.DUR-su TAG-at 15. recite the incantation seven times; you apply it to his belly.
KU.KU AN.BAR SÚD ina Ì.BUR HI.HI ÉN 7-shú ana ŠÀ ŠID 16. You crush iron, mix it in pûru-oil, recite the incantation seven times over (it),
LI.DUR SAL TAG-at NITA u SAL UR.BI [i-nu-uh-hu] 17. apply (it) to the woman's belly; the man and woman [will find satisfaction] together.

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